Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Simple as a card… Did you know that sending a card, a simple card, in the mail can make a difference to someone? That difference may only be for a moment, a little laugh that brightens the heart. Or it could be lasting, a changed relationship that tremendously impacts a personal or professional life. 

Think about it. When was the last time you got a card, and I'm not talking about an ecard or evite? When did you last go to your mailbox and see a card-sized envelope with a first class stamp addressed to you from a friend or family member? Maybe it was on a holiday. Maybe it was on your birthday. Maybe it was a long time ago. Whenever it was, didn't it make you smile? If you're anything like me, it did, and you opened it while you were still outside! 

My posts will talk about why cards should be sent in the mail, how they can impact your personal and professional relationships, how they can create and keep clients, how that personal touch is so important today. Email, Twitter, Facebook, text messages are all wonderful, but there’s a needed place for the mailed card in our lives that we’ll explore together.

Until my next post… touch someone you care about with a simple card.


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  1. What a great Blog Amy! For viewers of Amy's blog - If you are a card sender - you need to talk to Amy. She can help you with the best system on the planet for sending cards. It is all about putting a smile on someone's face, or picking them up when they are down. A simple gesture that makes a daily difference in the life of a fellow human being.

    Randy A.